Design&depth is a sister company of 40years old National drapery located at Nursery, Karachi.  A family business committed to excellence since 1975. Design& depth is one of the famous furniture showrooms in Karachi. We are renowned for our iconic furniture designs and our steadfast commitment to design excellence, innovation and sustainability.



Design&depth’s unrivaled portfolio contains some of the greatest design achievements in the modern era. We have a  experience in a wide range of furniture types, from cutting-edge facilities to soaring glass tops.



Collaboration is our guiding force at Design&depth. We believe the best results stem from an ongoing dialogue with all stake holders. There are no pre-established formulas at Design&depth. We design each set to meet the specific needs and conditions of our clients.



Design&depth has a long history of working internationally with our clients in UAE, USA, CANADA and SOUTH-AFRICA and EAST-AFRICA. We are now planning to expand our roots in the form of international offices in near future.



Design&depth’s design model is built to align each client’s project team. Working directly with our local partners, we complete engagements seamlessly and with no duplication of effort.
Professionals at Design&depth have an extensive experience of the industry. By carefully tracking data and setting benchmarks, we routinely deliver projects on time and within budget. Each engagement is approached from a platform built on:

Understanding our client, definition of project’s shape, communication standards, standard delivery process, approval protocols and common standards, detailed responsibilities matrices, adherence to a tight code of professional ethic.

Our Leadership

Design & depth partners and directors are renowned leaders in their respective fields.

Yousuf Bhutta – Director- Design and architecture department

Completed his BA-HONORS-INTERIOR AND SPATIAL DESIGN from Chelsea College of art & design, London-UK in 2003. His prior experience with some local architects, National drapery and his relevant academic background enriches him with exceptional design talent.

He says,

“The best reference for me is a happy customer. In my work it comes to shapes and materials, colors and textures, light and atmosphere. Concretely, the content of rooms, home and business. Together with you, I am looking for the solution for furnishing or remodeling your living object. I pay great care to understand your needs and to implement it according to your ideas. I’ll go with you but not only from the planning to the implementation of entire concepts but advice you also in optimization concepts that relate to complementary furniture, lighting or curtains. And always with commitment, experience and great taste”

Abdul Qadir Ashrafi – Director-Production and finance department

A stock broker, now as Design&depth’s Finance and production director has inculcated all his past experience in the firm. Furniture designing is his born talent.

His passion and keen interest for the furniture business grew by the time, He started his journey with Design&depth four years ago and he chose to continue with the furniture industry for the rest of his life.

Sadiq Amin Bhutta- Director –Marketing and Sales

A bright business graduate with convincing interpersonal skills and his prior experience in the furniture industry gives him a strong background. He is involved in making overall strategies for the growth of business. Through all the ups and downs, he knows how to successfully generate a sale with effective planning and implementation.